The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule: A Retrospective

The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule is an ephemeral work created by architects Trix and Robert Haussmann.
In 1980, Robert Haussmann visited a sanatorium to recover from an illness. It was during this time, when he was physically unable to work, that the couple created The Log-O-Rithmic Slide Rule. This playful device is based on a very bureaucratic principle inspired by the OuLiPo movement. Due to its combinatory potential, it paradoxically creates infinite varieties of imaginative architecture, language and images.
(see here)

Haussmann 02

Die KW Institute for Contemporary Art präsentieren die erste große monographische Ausstellung zum Oeuvre von Trix & Robert Haussmann, die eine Vielzahl von Projekten aus mehr als 50 Jahren Produktion und Forschung vereint sowie ergänzende Arbeiten von Inside Outside / Petra Blaisse, Liam Gillick und Karl Holmqvist zeigt.
(siehe auch hier, ab S. 14)

Haussmann 06

Haussmann 12


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