New Beaches

In der Sommerausstellung der König Galerie wird die Arbeit New Beaches von Justin Matherly aus dem Jahr 2012 gezeigt.

New Beaches 2
New Beaches (Justin Matherly, 2012)
ambulatory equipment, concrete, spray paint

Matherly has been studying and interpreting the pinnacles of Greek and Roman idealism for several years and through a number of bodies of work. Beginning with his work on the Belvedere Torso in 2010, the artist has been mining the histories of these amputated heroes of art. His entire method, from building matrices of aluminum walkers to casting concrete using a patchwork of plastic tree-gator bags and insulation foam show an artist literally re-imagining production with a gift for ingenuity and invention. ‚New Beaches‘, depicting Laocoön’s head and arm seems to hover above its base of thirty-one walkers, as if no point is carrying even a fraction of its five thousand pounds.


Bei den Skulpturprojekten 2017 in Münster sahen wir „Nietzsches Felsen“ von Justin Matherly.

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