WELT Pomona Zipser Ohne Titel, 1999/2000, Lindenstraße

A history of walking
by Rebecca Solnit
(gesehen in woods lot)

Historically, walking has had many functions; for most people most of the time, of course, it was the only method of getting from one place to another. As Solnit says, „walking is a mode of making the world as well as being in it,“ and it allows us to know „the world through the body and the body through the world.“ This is not merely a theoretical construct. One of Solnit’s principal concerns is that the connection between the body and the world that walking exemplifies has begun to fade as we spend more and more time isolated in technologized cells — SUVs, offices, suburban homes — and trapped in a culture that sees unstructured time alone in the world as inherently unproductive.


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  1. Ach Herr Türschmann,

    das ist nicht Promenadologie, das ist Pomonalogie…

    Ich wollte immer so einen schönen Vornamen haben und dann auch noch so schöne Sachen zimmern…

    ist nicht so geworden, umso schöner diese Arbeiten!

    Gruss und frohe Ostern,


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