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Montag, Januar 7th, 2008

Bei der letzten Ausgabe der Backjumps (The live Issue #3) im letzten Jahr entstanden wieder einige Fassadenarbeiten,
darunter diese Arbeit von ASH


I began my artistic career as a graffiti writer in the early 80s with the legendary crew BBC. Since 1988 I have been exhibiting regularly in varlous galleries and spaces worldwide. My works often revolve around the contrast between country and city, nature and culture. They explain in art, experiences of everyday events and fantasies involving the relations between humans and nature as well as humans and technology. Esthetically, the works take inspiration from modern graphics. They combine varlous elements at their most organic, which in turn evolve into stylistic, mechanical figures flowing through various media.
(ASH in the exhibition-catalogue Backjumps – The Live Issue #3)