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While attempting to cross the Iron Curtain in August of 1986 from Slovakia to Austria, Hartmut Tautz, an East German citizen, was mutilated by “attack dogs” of the Czechoslovakian border patrol. The border guards who allowed and watched this mutilation were Ivan Hirner
and Oldrich Kovar.

Hartmut Tautz was born on 10 February 1968.
For political reasons, the Communist regime did not allow him to study music. Facing military service which he could not imagine to endure, he decided to escape from East Germany through Czechoslovakia to Austria. In the evening hours of 8 August 1986, he cut through the signal fence outside the city of Bratislava and ran towards the Austrian border through a high corn field. Two border guards set out after him, releasing two specially trained “attack dogs“ named Ryso and Roby. The shepherd dogs caught up with
Hartmut only 22 metres from the border and caused him severe wounds to the head and torso which however were not lethal. The border guards found Harmut in pain on the ground and instead of providing medical help, questioned him and searched the surroundings. When he was finally sent to hospital, it was too late. Harmut Tautz died of hemorrhagic shock in the early morning of 9 August 1986.
Nobody ever stood trial for his death.

Denkmal für die Opfer des Kommunismus


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