Höchste Armut

20170913 06

20170913 05

Höchste Armut” (8 Sept – 17 Nov 17) consists of a five part, associatively curated cycle, dissolving the spacial connection of a conventional group show by subdividing it in temporally successive solo shows. The ‚group show‘ is comprised of the following five ’solo shows‘: Michael Müller (from 8 Sept, 7 pm), Michael Dreyer (from 26 Sept, 7 pm), Vlado Martek (from 17 Oct, 7 pm), Felix Kiessling (from 31 Oct, 7 pm) and Jochen Dehn (on 17 Nov, 7 pm). The individual exhibitions (or exhibition fragments) increasingly contain fewer and fewer works. From the 13th to the 17th of November the exhibition spaces will be completely emptied. “Höchste Armut” ends on the 17th of November with a performance by Jochen Dehn.
Curated by Lukas Töpfer for Aanant & Zoo.

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