Galerie Judin

Helene Appel, Alisa Margolis & Helen Verhoeven in der Galerie Judin

With its current exhibition, Galerie Judin presents a discourse of extraordinary depth in its display of works by Helene Appel, Alisa Margolis, and Helen Verhoeven. Together, these paintings offer a sustained meditation on questions of figuration and representation; each of them toys with the centralizing narratives of history and genre, arresting our sense of certainty about what we see and what we understand to be true about the world and its descriptions, taking us from high to low, and deep into the granular level of things.
(Hollyamber Kennedy)

Totem Pole
Totem Pole (Alisa Margolis, 2018)

Hoge Raad
Hoge Raad (Helen Verhoeven, 2015)

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