Body so fast – Mind so slow


BODY SO FAST – MIND SO SLOW an Installation by Lukas Troberg, 2020
The kinetic wall sculpture ANGST (FEAR) consists of an oversized black lettering mounted on an aluminium frame, which, apparently incorrectly installed, seems tobe out of balance.
But what at first glance appears to be an unfortunate, out-of-joint suspension turns out to be a movement, namely a cumbersome, mechanical, extremely slow rotation around its own central axis; so slow that it is hardly perceptible to the viewer.
The word completes exactly one full rotation in 24 hours, the same time it takes the earth to make one. Thus, depending on the time of day, one finds the writing either straight and legible, sometimes less, sometimes more crooked or even upside down. This motion raises the question of the lettering itself rotating around its own centerline or the rest of the world doing so around it. It’s a shift, a reversion of existing paradigms, turning them upside down.


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