Hey Panopticon! Hey Asymmetry!

Schinkel 04

Henrik Olesen im Schinkel-Pavillon

Schinkel 03

Schinkel 02

Shabby, sexy – and safe? (Kristian Vistrup Madsen)

Every artist that exhibits here [Schinkel Pavilion] is faced with the task of dealing with the particular stringency of this building. Oliver Laric, whose 3D-printed statues, shown in 2017, possess a similar kind of self-consciously inherited elegance, was almost able to match it, though to a degree that the works nearly disappeared under the glow of the chandelier. This summer, the opulent surroundings seemed suddenly strangely feeble in the company of Louise Bourgeois’ at once abject and monumental pieces. Olesen’s bid is more in line with Jason Dodge, who, back in 2016, covered the stone floor in a sea of rubbish.

Schinkel 05


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