Woman observing the Alpha Persei Cluster

Galerie Thomas Schulte is pleased to present Woman observing the Alpha Persei Cluster, Maria Loboda’s first exhibition project with the gallery.

This Alpha Persei Cluster of stars in the stellar constellation Perseus is between 50 and 70 million years old. The Alpha Persei, the biggest and brightest of the stars, is 56 times larger than the sun. Loboda in her installation domesticates the colossal natural phenomenon from outer space and integrates it into her large wall drawing of an architectural interior.

Loboda 1

Loboda 2

Opposite the drawing, the work Some mysteries have no clues, two stainless steel cups, which the artist had forcefully crushed, adorn the two pillars. They are influenced by the so-called Ringlemere Cup, a golden vessel from the Bronze Age found in England in 2001 that was acquired by the British Museum. The weight of the soil, which buried the cup for centuries, slowly led to its destruction and left it folded in on itself enhancing its unique beauty.

“I Follow the Work Into the Rabbit Hole.” An Interview with Maria Loboda


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