Rund um die 53. Biennale Venedig (IV)


In den Kunstspaziergängen gab es schon einiges zu Vedova: hier.
Jetzt konnten wir die Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova in Venedig besuchen.

Vedovas Venedig 5

Fondazione Vedova is a new exhibition place in Venice, and the opening of this important modern artists paintings are the first to be there. So my timing was great. It was especially meaningful because in the last 5 years I have become a fan of Jackson Pollack and I found many similarities to the feel of Emilo Annabianca’s works. This installation was a collection of 27 pieces. 9 rectangles, 9 squares and 9 circles (but the circles except for the one pictured were in square frames.)
The hall was especially cool, and what was interesting about this exhibit is that the artwork came to you. Most of the time you view paintings by walking around a gallery. But these pieces were hung from a special rail that brought the paintings down the aisles, turned them (magically perfect with the lighting), and dropped them to your eye level. They then, in a symphony, picked themselves back out, put themselves away in a rack, and brought out another 9. The whole process (including the downtime where they sit at eye level) is about an hour for each 9 pieces.


Ein Tramezzini-Imbiss auf dem Dach der Fondazione.


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